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We all know paying rent sucks. You have nothing to show for it. No equity in property, noisy neighbors, usually no yard of your own to enjoy. Landlord won't let you paint or change anything to make it your own.   Let's change that!  Let's get you headed in the right direction!  Lets build equity in a home instead of throwing money away on rent. Have a yard to enjoy with friends and family. Decorate for you, not the apartment way.  No more trying to find a parking space.  Your new home may have an attached garage for parking and storage. No more noisy neighbors above or below you.


I currently have lenders who specialize in helping people with their credit.   Sometimes in as little as 60-90 days we can have you on your way to buying a home. When you are ready, they will help in the process of getting you your mortgage needed to buy a home.


If you know anyone looking to sell thier home, please let me know!  I am a Listing Agent as well as a Buyers Agent.  Referrals are the heart of my business.



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